The Marriage Trap

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NEWSFLASH:  THE MARRIAGE TRAP was the winner of the Touch of Magic contest, as well as a finalist in the Melody of Love, Golden Gateway (2x), Gotcha, Winter Rose, The Catherine, Hot Prospects, and Golden Claddagh contests!


THE MARRIAGE TRAP is a steamy, contemporary romance novel. This story is the first in the HAWAIIAN HEAT series.

Can sex on the beach really change a girl’s life?

Divorce attorney and aspiring author Ginny Fitzgerald has always dreamed of marriage and motherhood. But when she escapes her domineering former fiancé to attend a two-month writing seminar, she discovers more about herself than about fiction. Sparks fly and then ignite when she meets enigmatic Drew Morgan. He melts her reserved façade and unleashes her repressed passions. Sadly, Ginny believes she can never achieve her goals with Drew and fears the only happily-ever-after ending in her future is the one she’s writing for her romance novel.

Charismatic bartender and thriller writer Drew Morgan thinks marriage is a trap, and he’s made a pact with his brother to remain bachelors forever. Even when the HAWAIIAN HEAT welds love and lust into his dream soul mate, he can’t marry Ginny. After she declines his invitation to live with him, he must choose between his opposition to the chains of marriage and the possibility of a lifetime of happiness.